Wow Writing!

Look at this picture :

Can you leave a comment with some descriptive writing?  Some ideas for you to use might include :

The castle, which was ______________, looked bleak and deserted.

As the drawbridge came down , ……..

The walls were cold, as cold as ……

Don’t forget to check you full stops and capitals before you post!

Multiplying larger numbers by 9 and 11

Yesterday in maths we were using multiplying by 10 to help us multiply huge numbers by 9 and 11!  It was tricky stuff but we persevered and got there in the end.

Click on the link to the Bingo game below to challenge yourself:




More Bronze Age Learning …

After our recent trip 4L were excited to have another special project.  This time we all set off to the local Secondary school to use their DT resources to create our own Bronze Age arrowheads out of molten metal!  It was so much fun.  In the D.T. rooms, which were an adventure in themselves, Mr Plumley showed us how to make a mold for our molten metal using a coping saw and a vice.  It was tricky work but we all managed to make a wooden cast.

Did you know the furnace that Mr Plumley used to melt the metal in had to be 900 degrees celsius?  Wow!  We even saw an anvil, which is the large metal block people in the Bronze Age would have used to hammer and sharpen the arrow heads on after they were cast.

More Bronze Age adventures coming soon ….

4L Journey Sticks

Our Term 4 Writing Day was the other day.   On a chilly, grey and blustery Wednesday afternoon we set off to the marsh armed with some sticks and wearing our wellies.  Despite the cold, we marched onward and used our expert Forest School experience to create some super journey sticks.   Have a look at our photos :

Did you know Journey Sticks originated as Native American and Aboriginal tools, used to navigate new journeys or recount adventures in the wild?  Items are collected in chronological order to remind the traveller of the steps they took.  Each item collected had  special or valid meaning to each member of the class.   Back in class we used our sticks to write some personal recounts of our journey.  Some of the best  writing will be uploaded onto the blog. Will it be yours ….?

Eastbourne Ancestors and Bronze Age Project

A few weeks ago we all went to the Eastbourne Ancestors Exhibition in The Pavillion Tearooms.  It was fascinating!

Eastbourne Ancestors

We learnt about what life was like in Neolithic times and how the archaeologists we met were helping to piece together maps about Eastbourne during this time.   Mackye got to try on the Saxon clothing!  We all carefully observed the Beachy Head lady’s skeleton and were fascinated by the artefacts found dating back 2000 years!

Ancestors   Skeleton remains

It was particularly fascinating to find out that a large burial site, dating back to these times, exists very near to our school and marshland!  Watch this space for more Bronze Age explorations and learning.

Catch Up!

Oops – it’s been a while since the class last blogged!  Since then we have had numerous Meerkat winners (including Charley and Mackye!) and The Dojos have shot up (this week Zack and Matthew tied with 23 each!).

Here are some snaps of what we got up to in February and March during our Planet Protectors work!


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3D Shapes Quiz!

In maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes.  We had great fun trying to beat the zombies in this online shape game!  Can you get past Level 4?

Good luck!  Click the link to try!

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